How to Get Your Beauty School License Out of State

To license in cosmetology, barbering, or esthetics, you need to do the following:

  1. Complete an accredited program and fulfill the requirements for graduation.
  2. Meet the minimum required hours for the state you wish to license in.
  3. Pass the licensing exam in your state.

If you’ve looked into getting your cosmetology, barbering, or esthetics license you may have noticed that every program offers a different number of hours to meet different state requirements. What do you do if the school you want to go to is in another state? Or if you plan on moving to another state after graduating from beauty school? We’ll cover all of the details you need to know about licensing as a barber, cosmetologist, or esthetician in different states around the country!

Commuting Across State Borders

Some people have the unique situation of living close to a state border, allowing them to live in one state and work, shop, or even go to school in another one! This scenario is pretty common for our students because New Jersey is a relatively small state and our Ewing location is right on the state border with Pennsylvania. This means we have plenty of students who are from the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area that come to our campus in NJ, so how do those students get their beauty school licenses?

The simple answer is that you should license in the state that you currently live in, so if you are a Pennsylvania resident commuting to our campus in Ewing, NJ for school, you could sit for the Pennsylvania or New Jersey state board based on where you want to work after graduation. Each state has different numbers of required program hours, so we strive to accommodate that. For example, the cosmetology state board in New Jersey requires 1200 hours to license as a cosmetologist, and Pennsylvania requires 1250 hours. For this reason, we give our Pennsylvania students the opportunity to earn another 50 hours of education so that they can meet their state requirements to sit for the licensing exam!

Relocating to a New State

Many people plan to relocate either for their education or after they complete their education, so it’s important to keep your state board requirements in mind when making plans. If you already live in New Jersey and plan on relocating after graduation, you should look at your future home state’s requirements for licensure and make sure you meet all the requirements before completing your beauty program. In some cases, you may even consider waiting to license until after you’ve moved to your new home state if you’re moving right after graduation! The general rule of thumb is that you want to make sure you license in the state that you plan on living in. If you have a license in NJ and plan on moving to another state, you can license in that state after meeting the local board requirements.

Ask Questions

Every state has very different licensing requirements, so make sure to ask lots of questions with your beauty school advisor! Contacting the state board where you are moving to can help give you some info about transferring licenses between states. Some will allow you to simply present a license from another state and issue you a new one, while other states would require you to take the licensing exam for that state. The best thing to do is to give your state board a call or look up their website online!

Education Through Innovation

We strive to work with all of our students and their situations at Innovate Salon Academy. We have students who come from near and far to learn with us, so we can help you figure out a career plan that works best for you! Visit our programs page to find out more about what you can learn with us, or contact us if you’re ready to get started!

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