Meet the Staff: Mr. G

Up ‘til now we’ve featured the outstanding women that make the Innovate Salon Academy the impressive school that it is, so now we get to feature one of the men who is making it happen! Gilberto Herrara, or “Mr. G” as he’s known to his students, is our barber instructor who is largely responsible for bringing barbering to both of our campuses in Ewing and South Plainfield. His energy and enthusiasm is awesome and it inspires our barbering students to become their best selves!

About Mr. G

Mr. G always knew he wanted to be his own boss. His hands-on style and independent personality helped him to realize that a traditional four-year college would not be the best fit for his future. When he heard about beauty school as an alternative that would cost him much less money than college and only take nine months instead of four years, he signed right up! Knowing that this could be a career that won’t be replaced by machines was what inspired him to become a licensed barber.

Why Mr. G Loves Innovate Salon Academy

Mr. G worked in the field for about 10 years both as a barber and an instructor before joining Innovate Salon Academy. He found out about the school when a coworker mentioned that a new Redken school was opening nearby, so Mr. G went to learn more. He loved how the school was modern, professional, and backed by a company that people know well. Redken sends platform artists to elevate the education at Innovate Salon Academy. They teach about how to get the most use out of the Redken products, as well as some of the new styles and techniques in the industry. This helps the students and even Mr. G learn new things, which is a large part of why he loves the school.

Mr. G’s Role at Innovate Salon Academy

Mr. G teaches with Innovate Salon Academy because we still carry that continuing education mentality with us. He recently relocated to our Ewing campus to start our barbering program there after having successfully launched our barbering program in South Plainfield. He sets an example for his students by investing in his own future and education. He is passionate, stays up on trends, and believes in sharing knowledge with others so that everyone can grow together. Our barbering programs couldn’t have happened without him!

Advice For Barbering Students

The experience of going to beauty school is completely different for a man than it can be for a woman. Even in a dedicated barbering program there are many things from the cosmetology and esthetics world that men have the opportunity to learn. Some men come into the program with a little bravado and masculine attitude, sometimes making it a little more difficult for them to learn everything they could. Mr. G encourages his students to not think of beauty as masculine or feminine:

“I teach my guys that beauty is not about man or woman, beauty is your background. Knowing how to use a roller is important whether you’re a man or woman. You want that training so your hands know how to use them. I always have to tell them it’s not a feminine thing. You’re able to make money from anything you learn. You can master one thing at any time and then go master something else. You don’t just stop learning, you’re able to become a better person. ”

This attitude of continuing education is a huge reason why we’re fortunate to have Mr. G with us at Innovate Salon Academy, and he’s absolutely correct! Beauty is about taking care of people and helping them to become the best versions of themselves. He tells his students that they have the power to help people like the person they see in the mirror. It’s a huge responsibility, so he makes sure his barbers are taught properly!

His biggest piece of advice for future barbering students is this:

”Come with a willing attitude, an open mind, and a humble attitude because beauty school is a life-changing transformation. Set aspirations for yourself, because each individual depends on themselves and not someone else. You have the power in your hands; what are you going to do with it?”

Learn With Mr. G at Innovate Salon Academy

If you want to find the kind of freedom and passion that Mr. G has for barbering, you can consider a barbering education with us at Innovate Salon Academy! The program at our Ewing, NJ campus is new and ready to help barbering students reach for the stars. Contact us to learn about how you can change your life in our barbering program. If you’re not sure barbering is right for you, you can also check out our esthetics and cosmetology programs to find the perfect fit for you.

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