How to protect hair from heat damage

How to protect hair from heat damage


 Many of us make ample use of the blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron in order to maximize the appearance of our hair. Unfortunately, when you misuse these tools, or use the wrong ones, they have the potential to cause really bad heat damage to your precious locks, making it look frizzy, dry and in some more extreme cases even making you resort to using scissors for hair to chop of the damaged hair. So follow the tips presented in this article, to avoid these pitfalls and prevent heat damage to your hair.

Buy the right tools: you get what you pay for, and if you choose the cheapest, flimsiest hair styling tools there are, then it stands to reason that you greatly increase your chances of damaging your hair. In particular, the cheaper dryers and irons generally only have one heat setting, which drastically reduces the flexibility of your equipment and makes your hair more prone to damage. Instead, look for tools with multiple heat settings and, preferably, a temperature setting. That way, you can see for yourself what setting is too high. You don’t want to be applying 400 degrees of heat to your hair, especially when you are an amateur and not a professional hair stylist! And if you are looking for a hair dryer, try to get one that has a nozzle attachment that enables you to target air flow and distribute the warmth more evenly so that certain regions don’t cop the brunt of the heat generated.

Know your hair type: for example, the finer your hair, the less heat you should apply to it. If you really fine baby hair, confine yourself to the lowest heat setting. When applying irons and blow driers to your hair, take into account your natural hair texture, and work with it rather than against.

Use products that protect your hair against heat: you protect the rest of your body against excessive heat – you wouldn’t touch a scalding saucepan or baking pan -OR A CURLING IRON- with your bare hands – and the same should be true for your hair. There are lots of products out there to protect your hair from heat damage when using dryers, flat irons or curling irons. Many of them are silicon based using this thermal resistant compound to coat and shield your hair against excessive heat. They take the form of sprays, gels and creams and lotions also.  Do your research, there are products out there specifically for when you blow dry your hair, or apply an iron to it. Also consider the look you want for your hair. For example, if you want a smooth, straight finish from your flat iron, choose a lotion with low hold that keeps your hair flexible and springy throughout. If you want to create waves or curls, go for a product with a longer hold.

Work quickly and efficiently: when blow drying your hair or going over it with a flat iron, don’t dawdle! That is a great way of causing damage to your hair, caused by excessive exposure to heat. Do what you need to do, then turn it off.



And there you have it! By following this sound, commonsensical advice when using your hair dryer and irons, you should be able to prevent heat damage from affecting to your hair – or at the very least from setting it on fire.

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