June 4, 2017

This Summer’s Makeup Trends

icy white and blue eye makeup macro

Summer is often a time when we let our secret hedonist come out to play during the warm, sunny days and the steamy, starry nights. It’s a great opportunity to try out all of those styles and trends that you’ve been too shy, or just too busy, to try out during the rest of the year. This summer you’re free to be a minimalist or a flower child or even an ‘80s throwback when it comes to your makeup choices.

The no makeup look will be big this year, but it doesn’t mean that you actually don’t use any makeup. It’s more that the makeup used is undetectable through a combination of a light-handed approach and flawless blending. Muted, natural colors are used only to brighten and highlight, and mascara is simple and well brushed. And you’ll probably want to skip the setting or mattifying powder topcoat opting instead for a dewy look.

Then there’s the facial art trend. It’s a big departure from the nude look, but it can easily begin there. Add a graphic glitter design to your forehead, or a wide brush stroke of white or pastel beginning strongly on top of your cheekbone and fading at your jawline. It’s like using your face as a canvas for modern art. If you’re a flower child, opt instead for a few well-placed petals or tiny leaves as an accent.

Statement eye shadows of all colors will also be on display. You can choose to follow more traditional application techniques but use bold, primary colors, or you can opt instead for a non-traditional, graphic application in any color that suits your mood. Imagine straight, bold lines or wildly extended wings. As with most avant-garde alternatives, the key is not to chicken out. If you’re going to do it, embrace it fully. As a side note, blue will be the color this summer in almost any shade you can imagine.

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