5 Reasons Why You Should Start Cosmetology School This Year

Have you always dreamed of working in the beauty industry? Does working as a hairstylist, makeup artist, or as something related to cosmetology been a goal of yours? If so, why not make attending beauty school in the new year your next goal!

There are so many great reasons to become a cosmetologist. From the flexible hours to the creative freedom, cosmetologists often enjoy their time behind the chair. But before you can begin a career as a licensed cosmetologist, you must first attend and complete cosmetology school.

The state of New Jersey requires students to complete 1200 hours of training before they can take the state exam. So, here are just a few reasons why the New Year is the best time to start looking into cosmetology school in NJ.

Reason #1: You Can Have a Job You Enjoy

There are so many career opportunities to pursue once you complete cosmetology school and earn your license. Working on clients’ hair and makeup can be exciting as you’re helping them to look their best. Many careers in cosmetology give you the chance to let your creative spark show as you try new and provocative styles.

During cosmetology training, you will learn about new makeup and hairstyling techniques. From hair cutting, coloring, and treatments to makeup application and even business and marketing training, you will leave beauty school learning a lot of skills.

This education and experience can make clients will look to you as an expert and resource in guiding them to products and styles that will help them look their best. This is one of the reasons why being a stylist is so rewarding.

Reason #2: There’s Lots of Freedom in the Beauty Industry

As a licensed stylist, you may have the freedom to work when you want and as much as you want depending on the type of salon you work in. There are many types of careers you can pursue – including becoming a freelancer or an entrepreneur.

Many people who graduate from cosmetology school work in salons. This allows them to build their own businesses through their client lists and experience the freedom that entrepreneurs enjoy as they market themselves and their work. Even if you work in a salon you don’t own, there may be flexibility in terms of scheduling. You can set your availability around client appointments or create your own schedule!

There is also a lot of freedom to start your own business ventures if you are up for the challenge. Cosmetologists may open up their own salon or rent out a booth space. You can also opt to work as a freelancer for specific jobs, such as weddings, film productions, or photoshoots.

Reason #3: You Can Complete Cosmetology School by the End of the Year

Most college programs start in the Spring or Fall and take several years to complete. But this is not the case with cosmetology school! At Innovate Salon and Academy, a beauty school in NJ, we offer several class start dates throughout the year. So, if your New Year’s resolution is to attend cosmetology school, you can make it happen!

Further, you can complete your entire training in just about 10 months as a full-time student. We also offer part-time cosmetology training courses which will take closer to 18 months to complete.

Reason #4: You’ll Set Yourself Up for an Exciting Future

During your training in beauty school, you’ll get to learn all kinds of techniques to help you grow and succeed in the future. At Innovate Salon Academy, our cosmetology program covers a wide range of topics.

Along with the traditional skills in haircutting, styling, and coloring, our cosmetology students also enroll in The Prosper U Drivers of Success business program. They learn invaluable professional skills, including modern marketing techniques like social media advertising.

Beauty as a Business is another interactive, online digital marketing curriculum designed specifically for beauty schools. The goal is to help teach students how to market themselves on social media and build their book of business.

Our cosmetology school is also connected with many well-renowned partners in the beauty industry, including:

  • REDKEN 5th Ave
  • L’Oreal
  • Mizani
  • MUD Make-Up
  • Dermalogica

Our students also have the chance to work in our student salon during their training. This gives them invaluable experience with interacting with clients. Since talking with people is a major part of your job and a great way to build up your list of clients, practicing this before graduating is extremely beneficial.

Reason #5: You Will Always Be Learning

If you are interested in a beauty career, you probably already have a thirst for knowledge and want to know more about makeup, hair styling, and more. After getting licensed, your education doesn’t stop!

Beauty is always changing and styles are constantly being updated. As a stylist, you can’t get stagnant. You will have to improve your skills all the time and be on the lookout for new opportunities.

This is a career perfect for people who like a challenge and who like to push themselves. At Innovate Salon Academy, an Eyelash Extension Certification course for our cosmetology students. Or you can enroll in the Beauty Educator course to become a teacher! You can take advantage of extra courses that offer additional skills and licensing and prove your worth to the community and your clients.

Should You Join the Beauty Industry?

If you enjoy having the freedom to set your own schedule, the ability to control your income, and a love of learning, you may consider looking into a career in cosmetology.

Attending cosmetology school is the first step toward a career that has a wide range of opportunities. Whether you’re working side-by-side with other stylists, helping celebrities look their best for the camera, or doing the hair and makeup for your clients, being a stylist is mostly about people and service. Working with people you like, helping people you enjoy, and making a great living in an exciting profession that always offers something new to learn.

The beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to make your dream a reality. Learn more about cosmetology at Innovate Salon Academy. Schedule a tour today of our Ewing or South Plainfield campus to get to know us!

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