7 Ways to Use Mongongo Oil For Beautiful Summer Curly Hair

model with curly brown hair spraying in hair product
1. To Control Frizz
“I use Mongongo Oil to calm frizz after blow drying loose or classic curls. I spray one or two pumps in my hand and distribute the oil through the hair as needed.”

2. To Treat Curls While You Sleep
“For tight to kinky curl types, which typically need more love, the oil makes a great hydrating overnight treatment.”

3. As a Curl Refresher and Finisher
“On dry curls, I use Mongongo Oil as a finisher to restore hydration levels, increase shine, and smooth flyaway strands. Spray a few pumps into your hand, warm the oil by rubbing your hands together, and then smooth the product over your curls for an instant refresh.”

4. To Infuse Healing Moisture
“For loose and classic curls, I love to use it as a conditioning treatment. Clients lose moisture during the summer—they’re out enjoying the sun, sand, and surf. When they come in needing to replace that moisture, I use Mongongo Oil at the shampoo bowl. After shampooing, I work a quarter-size amount with a bit of water into the wet hair, let it sit on for 3-5 minutes, rinse, then style.”

5. As a Shine-Boosting Leave-In

“For tight and/or kinky curls, I love to use it as a leave-in. This method provides moisture and protects the hair from damage during heat styling. Mongongo Oil also tames frizz, defines, and leaves a beautiful shiny finish to previously lackluster locks.”

6. To Prep for a Blow Dry
“Mongongo Oil is the perfect heat protectant for curls. I apply it to hair before blow drying to help prevent heat damage. And because oil and water don’t mix, the product helps to speed up drying time by repelling water from the surface of the hair.”

7. To Give Porous Curls a Boost

“Mongongo Oil works best for me on porous hair. I love to use it on tight and kinky curl types, which can be a bit dryer, or on hair that’s been bleached or highlighted. It makes dull hair shinier. I spray it on curls before I cut, and when I do I blow out or rake and shake. I like it because a little goes a long way!”

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