Cosmetology School: Everything You NEED to Know

Have you ever thought about pursuing an education in beauty? If you’ve always loved trying out all the new styles and using your creativity to show off your unique look, then our cosmetology program could be a great path for you! Although starting something you love is an exciting step in your career, you may be unsure how to get started. That’s why we’ve created this complete guide to cosmetology so we could answer common questions students may have when starting their cosmetology journey. In this comprehensive guide, we cover what you could learn in our cosmetology program, how to start the application process, and so much more!

What is a Cosmetologist?

Let’s start by first explaining what a cosmetologist does and what you could expect from a future career! A cosmetologist is someone who is trained to provide a variety of beauty services for clients. Although many people imagine cosmetologists to only work with hair, this is just one area of beauty you could pursue for your career.

In addition to learning about styling and coloring hair techniques, a cosmetologist could also learn about makeup, skincare, and so many others! You may even decide to specialize in something completely unrelated to hair and focus your career on a skill that you fell in love with during your education! One of the best parts about becoming a cosmetologist is that what you do depends on what you most want from your career. With so many techniques that a cosmetologist could be licensed in, this is a great way to market your skills in the beauty industry!

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What Will I Learn During My Cosmetology Education?

Since the cosmetology industry has so many opportunities, we have included a variety of beauty techniques with the latest trends in our program so you can discover what area you love most. While being prepared for success in today’s industry, we also include advanced classes to allow you to learn more about a specialized skill that you could use for your career and could even help you stand out! Contact us to learn more about what you can expect to learn during our program!

At Innovate Salon Academy, we want to help our students prepare for whatever future they want to pursue after graduating from our program. That’s why we make sure to not only teach our students how they can perform the latest trends, but also business techniques that can help further their career as a cosmetologist. In today’s world, students need to understand how to market their skills and build connections. Through our curriculum, students will learn business and social media techniques through our partnerships with Pivot Point LAB, Prosper U Drivers of Success Business, Beauty as a Business, and others.

Why Become a Cosmetologist?

Everyone deserves to pursue a career that they feel passionate about! Along with being able to have an occupation that you feel excited to have every day, there are a lot of other benefits that could come with a future in cosmetology.

The Industry is Growing

As new trends continue to develop, the opportunities in this field could be open for you to discover your own personal beauty journey. People are always going to need someone with a creative eye who can give them a unique style! That’s why a career in cosmetology could be a great way to do something you love that could also offer you job security. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for cosmetologists is expected to grow 8% from 2018 to 2028. It feels good to know that you’re pursuing a career in an industry where your skills are valued!

Show Off Your Creativity

Do you need a future career where you can express your creativity? Cosmetology could be the perfect opportunity! From providing clients with a completely new hairstyle to helping them apply an exciting makeup design, there are so many beauty transformations that could allow you to show off your creativity. Plus, every day would offer you something new! Every client will have their own style and it will be your job to give them a look that’s true to each client while also incorporating your own touch!

Start Doing What You Love Sooner

Not everyone wants to attend a traditional four-year before starting their career. If you’re one of those people, then our cosmetology program could be a great fit for you. Full-time students who are enrolled at our school can complete our cosmetology program in as little as 10 months. That means that in less than a year, you could start making a name for yourself in the industry by creating connections with clients and other beauty professionals. We understand that not all our students will have a schedule that allows them to study full time, which is why we also offer a part-time schedule. Students who choose this option can complete their program in as little as 18 months. Contact us to learn more about which choice is right for you!

Work Towards Becoming Your Own Boss

If you’ve always wanted to be your own boss or be responsible for other employees, a career in cosmetology could allow you to do that! Learning both technical and business beauty skills during our program could give you the knowledge you need to become a great salon owner. As a salon owner, you could have a career that would be constantly challenging you by offering new responsibilities every day!

How Can I Become a Cosmetologist in New Jersey?

Now you know more about what cosmetology is, you’re ready to find out how you can start the process of becoming a licensed cosmetologist! We understand that even doing something you love can seem stressful when trying to figure out the best way for you to begin this next stage of your life.

There are multiple steps that you have to take before you can enter the beauty industry as a professional. Don’t worry because we’ve created this convenient list where we explain everything you need to do to make your dream a reality. Listing out what you have to do is a great way to see your progress and realize that it’s not as overwhelming as it seems. In fact, many of these are a fun and exciting part of your beauty journey. Here is everything you need to do to become a cosmetologist in New Jersey.

1. Research Beauty Schools

The first step to starting your cosmetology future is researching the different beauty schools to find out which one fits your personality and career goals. A school’s website or social media accounts are both great places to start! They should let you know more about the school’s culture and what your experience as a student there could be like. During your education, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your instructors and other beauty students so it’s important that you feel comfortable with the atmosphere and the general mission statement of the school.

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2. Tour Beauty Schools

Although it’s a great way to start learning about their school, there’s only so much you can learn from them by their website. The next step is to schedule a tour so you can see for yourself and learn about the school. This is your opportunity to ask questions that are specific to your beauty journey and receive immediate answers from the people associated with the school you’re considering. Want to know how you can get the most out of your tour? Here are some questions that could be helpful for you to ask:

There’s a lot of important information to learn during your tour, so bringing a pencil and paper is a great idea!

3. Start the Application Process

You’ve done the research and gone on the tours and now you’re finally ready to begin the application process! At Innovate Salon Academy, we have an easy form where we list out all the information that’s needed for you to begin your journey. If you have any questions about this process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Someone on our team will be happy to help you with this step of your cosmetology education!

4. Complete the State Training Requirements

In the state of New Jersey, students must complete at least 1200 hours of training at a beauty school that’s been approved by the state board before they can apply for their cosmetology license. At Innovate Salon Academy, students can complete our program in as little as 1200 hours so they will have the necessary hours of training to sit for the state exam upon graduation.

In our cosmetology program, students will learn about the latest trends and styles through a combination of classroom time and practicing what they’ve learned on real guests under the direct supervision of licensed professionals. This practical training will all be done in our beautiful space that’s designed to look and feel like an actual salon.

We think that this is one of the most exciting steps in your cosmetology journey! Being able to make connections with people who share your same passion and learning what you love is an amazing feeling. If you have any questions about what your experience at beauty school could look like, feel free to contact us!

5. Pass the State Licensing Exam

Once you’ve graduated from our program, you will have the necessary training requirements to sign up for the New Jersey state licensing exam. This test includes a theory and practical section to make sure that you’re ready to start your career as a beauty professional. After you’ve passed both portions of the exam, you’re now ready to apply for your cosmetologist license. This is an amazing achievement that allows you to start pursuing a future in something you love!

6. Find Out What You Want to Do

You’ve done all the hard work and now you’re finally able to explore your career options to find out what path is right for you! With the industry continually expanding and offering new job opportunities, it all depends on you to decide which area of beauty you can see yourself doing. There are many options that could be opened up for you! Here are just some career choice examples of what you could do with a cosmetology license:

  • Salon stylist
  • Nail technician
  • Cosmetology instructor (with additional training)
  • Makeup artist
  • Salon or spa owner
  • Barber
  • Salon manager
  • Platform artist

Ready to Apply for Your Cosmetology Education?

Now that you’ve read our ultimate guide on cosmetology, we think that you’re ready to take the next step and apply for our program! Contact us at our Ewing or South Plainfield campus if you have any more questions about what to know before starting your education. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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