Easy Summer Hair Styles

Summer is the perfect season to have a more relaxed outlook on life, and that includes thinking about what to do with your hair. When you’ve got great plans for some summer fun, the last thing you need is to spend lots of time fussing with your hair. Here are some easy, breezy ideas to switch it up for summer without taking precious time away from your fun.

Ballerina Buns

If you’ve got long hair, summer often means finding a way to keep it up and off your neck. Ballerina buns are always in style, and you can make yours a true individual by pulling loose a few strands, braiding it before wrapping it into the bun shape, or moving it a little lower to the back of your head instead.

Playful & Short

If you’ve opted for short hair this summer, fear not – there are still ways to switch it up for a new outlook. Give it some texture with some pomade and push it all back away from your face with your fingers, or use gel to slick it back with a comb for the wet look. On the other hand, brushing it all forward will focus all of the attention on your face instead. Play to the audience with this look by spending some time with your eye makeup or choosing a bright pop of lip color.

Bright Beautiful Color

Hair color has become so commonplace today that it’s now a regular expression of yourself! If you have new colors you want to try, the summer months are a perfect time to take them for a spin. Bright weather means you can sport bright outfits to go with your new hair color. It’s a great time to try new things!

Boho Braids

Who can resist the ease and simplicity of braids? Seriously, get out of the pool and braid your wet hair into these cool twists. It will dry messy which keeps this look extra boho. Keep them only half braided like the first image, or stack them up high like the second. Either way, your hair will be out of your face but you’ll still look effortlessly pretty.

The High Pony

As long as we’re doing easy off-the-neck hairstyles, who doesn’t love a good ponytail? However, because it’s 2018 and we’re all about volume and texture, keep that ponytail loose, high, and shaggy. You can achieve this pretty style by combing your hair into a pony with your fingers, then teasing the top few layers of the tail.

Chunky Lobs

Like we said, summer is about trying new things. So if cutting off six plus inches of hair is your way of trying something new, there’s no time like the present. When you go in for your hair appointment, ask your stylist for a lob cut with jagged edges. If you have particularly thick hair, make sure they do some thinning throughout to keep the volume up. When your hair is this short, try winged eyeliner for big eyes.

Beachy Waves

Embrace your inner sun goddess with these amazingly simple waves. The easiest way to achieve these is to use a large curling iron and keep them loose. Pull half of the hair back to keep it mostly out of your face, but otherwise, embrace that mane girl and wear it messy!


As long as we’re trying new things, we might as well suggest that you go wild with your hair color this summer. If you were waiting for a sign to color your hair, this is it ⚠. This summer it’s all about vivid color. That means choose a color you love and make sure your stylist knows to make it rich and bright. Check out these amazing bright colors!

Start Styling Now!

We are truly excited for summer to just get here already! Not that we need an excuse to try these hairstyles, but we definitely like the atmosphere of summer relaxing and simplicity! Here at Innovate Salon Academy we are definitely prepping for summer too. We train our students each of these methods, and you can come see for yourself. All services are performed by students under the supervision of a licensed instructor, so you can feel confident in your service with us.

If you love hair as much as we do you could be a part of our program too! Call Innovate Salon Academy at 908-912-6972, or you can fill out our form to have one of us get in touch with you. With Innovate you can learn these styles and more, which means you can do them on yourself this summer, or try them on your friends after graduation. We can’t wait to see what you create with us!

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