Summer Skin Care Routines to Learn in Esthetician School

Summertime can cause a lot of skin issues, such as acne, dryness, rosacea, and obviously sunburns and sun damage. Many people turn to their esthetician to deal with these issues and get their skin glowing for the summer season!

During esthetician school, you will learn all about various skincare regimens and products. Esthetics is all about providing skincare, spa treatments, and other practices which help to beautify the skin. This involves learning how to provide many types of skincare focused treatments, such as:

  • Facials
  • Skincare product applications
  • Applying makeup
  • Waxing and trimming eyebrows and body hair
  • Extractions

So, there are some key skincare routines that you will need to learn in esthetician school to provide for future clients around this time of the year. It is really important that the program you enroll in provides comprehensive training to cover all aspects of esthetics – not just the popular treatments.

Innovate Salon Academy’s esthetician program is focused on a wide variety of skincare practices as well as the science and research behind it. Here are some skincare techniques covered in esthetician school that you can pass on to your future clients.

Exfoliating Away Dead, Winter Skin

woman receiving facial massage at a spa

To get your client’s skin ready for the summer, you may have to undo some of the damage it suffered from the winter. Many people experience dry skin from the cold winter months. This can make the skin look quite dull and lifeless – not exactly what people want for the summer season.

The best esthetic treatment is to exfoliate the dead skin away, revealing healthy, new skin beneath. This allows the skin to absorb more product which will make it look brighter and healthier.

In esthetician school, you will learn numerous exfoliation treatments, including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and products for gentle exfoliation. As an esthetician, you are responsible for adjusting the treatment depending on your client’s skincare needs and sensitivity levels.

You will learn how to do this during the ingredient analysis and skincare treatment courses in beauty school. These classes will explain which skincare products are best for exfoliation, as well as when and how they should be used. You will also learn how to correctly use exfoliation devices for deeper treatments.

Customized Facials for Various Skin Ailments

woman receiving facial treatments at a spa

Every client you treat will have unique skin needs and issues. As an esthetician, you need to learn how to identify a client’s needs and customize a treatment for them. Some people have extremely sensitive skin or allergies to specific ingredients. Others may be looking for specific results, such as treating acne or dark spots.

To become a certified esthetician in New Jersey, you must pass specific courses during your training. This includes anatomy and physiology classes, which cover various skin conditions and disorders. In skincare chemistry classes, you will learn which ingredients should and should not be used for various skin issues. This will help you be able to customize facials and treatments for future clients.

During esthetician school, instructors will teach you various ways that facial treatments can be personalized based on your client’s skin type and needs. You may need to adjust the products used for issues such as dryness, redness, aging skin, or rosacea.

Learn Skincare Product Recommendations

Much of your work as an esthetician is focused on providing skincare treatments and services. You are also responsible for giving clients helpful information for skincare they can do at home. This will help your clients get the results they want – plus, you can make more money by selling skincare products from your office.

You will need to learn which products are best for specific purposes. For example, at Innovate Salon Academy, we use Dermalogica products for all of our beauty school training. Our estheticians learn about the entire line so they are familiar with what each product does, how it should be used, and what skin type it is best for.

To be successful as an esthetician, you will need to brush up on some sales and marketing skills. Thankfully, these are covered in esthetician school, too. You will learn how to sell clients products that will help them care for their skin in-between appointments.

The Wrap

Taking care of your client’s skin during the summer months will be a big part of your job as an esthetician. So, to prepare for this, it is crucial to receive comprehensive training in beauty school.

Enrolling in a great esthetician program that offers hands-on training from experienced instructors is the best way to prepare you for a career. You need to practice many types of skincare services and also learn how to care for each client’s needs.

At Innovate Salon Academy, we focus on providing real-life training through technical courses as well as our student learning salon. This well-rounded approach to esthetic training truly prepares you for a successful career once you earn your license.

If you are interested in enrolling in our esthetics program, please contact Innovate Salon Academy online or give us a call at 1-800-209-9982.

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